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ABOGADOS DAUDÉN was established in 1999 in Alicante, the capital of trademarks and designs in Europe. Our law firm provides specialized services in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) counselling and litigation as well as in other related fields such as unfair competition, IT, etc. In addition, we have special expertise in the area of trademark and design protection.

Our firm originates from GÓMEZ – DAUDÉN ABOGADOS Y ASESORES TRIBUTARIOS, a law and tax consulting firm with more than thirty years of experience in providing comprehensive legal advice to Spanish and foreign companies.

We strategically protect and enforce your patents, trademarks, designs and other IP rights, always with a professional and client-focused approach.We are committed to serving you professionally and ethically.  Our aim is to enhance the businesses of our clients and to maximize their competitive advantage, by assisting them strategically to capture, develop and commercially exploit their intellectual assets.

The wide range of the firm’s clientele, as well as the international nature of IP matters and, often requires the ability to operate comfortably in different languages. Thus, our team presently includes professionals who are fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and French.



Our firm has a qualified multidisciplinary team of Intellectual Property professionals, including lawyers and engineers with degrees in different areas of technology. Our professionals are qualified to provide the highest possible levels of service and advice to our clients upon IPRs and related matters. All of our lawyers must comply with the respective codes of professional conduct issued by the relevant professional bodies and will carry out your engagement with professional care, skill and attention.

Our lawyers have wide-ranging expertise in matters of civil law as well as litigation and criminal law. They are admitted to practice both before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the Spanish courts. Moreover, some of them are entitled to represent our clients before international bodies, such as the OHIM, the WIPO and the EPO.

A lawyer is responsible for managing the relationship with each client. The responsible lawyer may delegate aspects of the work to the most appropriate professional staff member having regard to the level of expertise and technical specialization required for each matter. Where clients have large or diverse portfolios, we may establish a specific client team which will be responsible for your work under the overall supervision of the responsible lawyer.



  • Juan Carlos del Campo Gomis (Mr.)
  • Pedro de Juan Pérez (Mr.)
  • Germán Gómez-Daudén Calvo (Mr.)
  • Marina Gómez-Daudén Calvo (Ms.)


Over the years, we have developed an extensive worldwide network of associates to further serve our clients. Many of our clients have a presence in various foreign countries. Whether you want to protect your patent rights in Europe, Asia, South America or elsewhere in the world, we have long-term relationships with Intellectual Property attorneys in those regions.

Our lawyers regularly participate in national and international congresses and seminars (AIPPI, ECTA, etc.) in order to strengthen the relationship with our foreign associates, which make it possible for us to guarantee a top-quality service throughout the world. 

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